by Echoes of the Moon

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miffomisu this is just awe inspiring. a new level of melody. Music that makes one feel, my dudes
Atmospheric Black Metal Cat
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Atmospheric Black Metal Cat This is is music that is pretty much perfect for .. Well anything . Great blending of all different kinds of metal . Well produced Trippy Psyche Black Metal from Indy Nanner. Favorite track: All is Good.
Justin Dzubinski
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Justin Dzubinski Very atmospheric, melodic new music. VERY top shelf material here too. Keep up the good work! Favorite track: The Tower of Babel.
You cannot have my ice cream bar
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You cannot have my ice cream bar Grabs every fiber of by being and pulvarises them discarding me aside when it's all over.
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Gibbs Love this... heavy guitar and emotional atmosphere. Reminds me of Tool but with black metal vocals. More, please! Favorite track: The Tower of Babel.
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Recorded from November, 2014 to July 17, 2015 in Brock's home using various instruments from guitars to keyboards.

"Entropy" is the follow up to the 2014 album "Esoteric" and features a more polished sound and similar lyrical themes such as psychology and an interpretation of existentialism and absurdism. The music is intense while maintaining layers of ambiance and melody. Each track plays together seamlessly as it was created as a single piece of music to take the listener on a long psychedelic journey through the human mind and all of its complexities.


released July 20, 2015

Track 5, 4:30: Trevor Day guest soloist



all rights reserved


Echoes of the Moon South Bend, Indiana


Echoes of the Moon is an experimental project lead by Brock Tatich. All of the music is written and recorded from his home and features styles ranging from black metal and doom metal, to psychedelic, art rock, atmospheric, and drone. ... more

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Track Name: Entropy
A feeling, disconnected
by the social condition.
A tide would sweep away
the semblance of time.

Started out with a cry.
Losing seconds of time.
Candles turn to ash.
Dreams fade away.
Where will you be,
at the end of time?

As it all sinks in.
has no meaning.
Life becomes so small,
in the black matter.

Everything in life is disillusion.

Let this fading light
bring you all
that you need, to use
this, world for what you can
to be what you need to be.
Track Name: Cognitive Dissonance
The sickness.
The healing.
The feeling
Transform, evolve.

Can I, hold this all in my hands?
The bleakness of life
and the hope it brings.

The pages they read.
The pages I read.
The message I get
changes day to day.

How can we take it in
On the surface, the meaning
heals and helps.

Deeper we go, contradiction it is
The lifestyle I see.
Deeper we go, contradiction is,
all I see.

Do we all disagree?
Do we really endorse?
Do we really see?
Do we really believe?
Do we really need,
to know all the answers,
or just wait and see?
Track Name: The Tower of Babel
Crossing the threshold.
Can we make a connection?
The parables seen.
A story and message.

Watch and see
the tower we need.
Does this really matter?
To know it true?

The details surrounding
the how and why.
Do we need to find
the rest to be true?

Lets start
to simplify
the how and why.
Do we need to care?
Will this make a difference?
Caught in nuance.
Forgetting why
we came to be here,
and why we try.
You want to fight.
You want to die
for the world you see.
As you question why,
forget the reasons
and bow your head.
Seek the answers
or flow down the river
before it runs dry.
Make it through
and just be you.
Create yourself.
Track Name: Ideologue
You feel the way you do
because the pride eats away at your mind.
To protect what you believe.
Can't just let it be.

You will never be free
from yourself you will see
that you are a slave,
to your mind and the grave.

The ideology
that you take to heart
brings you to your knees
before you realize you've died.

A walking contradiction
rooted in scriptural
of the book and life.

Have I walked away
from the real truth?
Or have I found another path
paved once long ago?

Will I ever know?
Can it be one for me?
Should I just ride along?
or go where I need to

Need to let me be free?
From this world of hate
Killing for my beliefs
will never make me free.

I cannot see
how this justifies
the way you are
the way you see.

Dying for a border.
Dying for God.
We all are alive,
A human to all.
Track Name: Adaptation
Here we are again.
Lets not fall to our knees.
The confusion that I live in,
does it cloud my vision?

To feel at one with myself.
To be at one with the stars.
As the world turns around me
and I feel these bars.

These barriers
we put around ourselves
will drive us insane
and wish us to die.

Why do we need to be
Does it make
the process better
and life easier?


Be free
And Solve.
Track Name: Acceptance
Accepting life.
Let it come my way.
It never mattered
whether I see or not.

Trapped myself
in the sea of why.
Always missing the point
of what this holds.

Close it out
and let it be.
Create yourself.
Forget the rest.
Track Name: All is Good
Scatter the ashes
of what you once were.

You are the center of this world.
The world you create.
Build this tower high.
Spend the rest of the time thinking it over.

You created this all.
All is good, all is God.

Your reflection, I see you

Let this last, stay with it all.
Through the sorrow. Through your worries.
Never dwell.
It always can pass.
Let yourself flow.
You are in control
You are in control.
But don't let yourself force your will.
Let it engross you.
Let yourself be free.
Let yourself be free.

You created this all.
All is good, all is God.
Your reflection.
I see you, you see me.
There is good in all.
There is God in all.
Each one is all.
Each one is us.

You created this all.
All is good, all is God.
Your reflection I see, you.
There is good in all.
There is God in all.
Each one is all.
Each one is us.
Track Name: Find the Silence
Where do we go from here?

Find the silence